Well, folks… It’s finally done.

Here is my summary of learning: https://goanimate.com/videos/06wXleGbtDmM

Overall, I really loved this class. I loved working at my own pace, even though some times it kicked me in the butt, but overall it was truly a rewarding class and a great investment of my time.

My favorite part was the second half of the class. I mean this because I really appreciated the adjusted dates and getting our work just a little bit early. I definitely understand the principle behind getting our work at the beginning of the week, but having those few extra days to at least think about it was beyond helpful.

The daily headlines were a little bit taxing, just because of the repetitive nature of it. It was kind of fun to do, but maybe it should be a weekly blog assignment where we’re given a bunch of pictures to choose from and need to write three headlines for it. I appreciate the Twitter integration, but it seemed to fizzle out very quickly.

I am awful at journaling. This semester has been beyond taxing: I’ve been working roughly 30 hours a week while taking a full course load, and my days just slipped away from me. It feels like I just moved into my apartment a few weeks ago.

That being said, journaling was really hard for me because I didn’t always have a lot to say. My creative process is pretty repetitive: give it a whirl, get frustrated, google some stuff, fix said stuff, make it right, check it 200 times, turn it in. Not much changes from week to week for me.

I’m still getting used to this whole ‘blog’ situation. I love writing, I love people reading my writing, and I think if I dedicated just a few hours per week to sit down and actually collect myself, I might be healthier and more well versed.

Growth from this class was exponential. I’m huge into ‘poke around until you figure it out’ when I don’t know what I’m doing, but having the Lynda tutorials to base my actions off of was pretty swell. They were a great point of reference and I think they accounted for a lot of expansion for my knowledge of every facet of the creative cloud.

And with that, it is finished.