Tutorial Time!!!

This is a simple tutorial for how to instagram your pictures via Photoshop.

  1. Open up Photoshop and select the ‘photo’ option in the original popup, I selected a 4×6 because the photo I picked was landscape style.
  2. When you select everything, you should have a blank slate going on, a little something like this…

    blank slate!


  3. Next, pick your photo! If you’re lucky like me, you’ve got the cutest mom and cutest dog in the world to put into this bad boy.
    1. As a reference: File > Open > Find your picture in your files.
    2. s’cute


  4. Next, go up and click Layer, then add new. There are multiple ways to get this same effect, I just get nervous using the Command + anything for fear of deleting all my work.
  5. As soon as you have your adjustment layer, you are up and running. Editing pictures in photoshop is just a constant trial and error. So go ahead and play with it!
  6. First off, play with the brightness and contrast. They really change the way a photo looks, even more than you would think.
  7. However, don’t get too gung-ho with some of these for fear of looking like an early-Instagram filter and not a chic edit of your favorite pic.
    1. Prime example: Vibrance. It’s a quick way to make your photo look like XPro II-much
  8. Next, find what you DO like. For this picture, I decided to do something kind of chilly and fall-like, but I wanted to pull out the reds because they’re very prevalent in the leaves. Check it out.
  9. The picture was still a touch too bright for what I had in mind, so I snuck over to saturation and pulled some color right out without sacrificing the integrity of the colors we just worked so hard to pull out.
  10. Finally finally, we darken the reds a little to brighten the picture up again. It makes the picture look rich, especially when the red is so sparse.
  11. Next, export the picture and save it as whatever your little heart desires! You now have a beautiful portrait to hang or have an artist do their own rendition of it if you have that kind of cash hanging around.